Originally I came in to be treated for my ankle, but now Dr. Amy also helps with general health and wellness like treating my allergies too. I consider acupuncture a weapon in my arsenal to minimize recovery time and keep my body in top shape.

Cody East

Professional MMA Fighter

What a great place

It is great to have a place with a Dr that helps you with natural medicine, and it works! I love it and dont feel like a number!

Gilda B.

Satisfied Patient

I have always had a good experience with Dr. Amy Bonnett. I think her sessions have been very beneficial.

Jan P.

Red Phoenix is a GREAT place!

Dr Amy is a wealth of information, smiling and positive, with good ideas to try to help me feel better. They actually listen, which can be rare in this age of instant everything!

Dee D

Thankful I got referred here!

I have always been skeptical about acupuncture, but my mom finally convinced me to try it. I am so happy that I did! Dr. Amy genuinely cared about what\’s going on in my life, in order to find the best treatment for me. And the acupuncture itself didn’t hurt at all, it just made me sleepy.  I will be back!

Mikaela L

Happy Patient

I am always open to trying new things and I was very pleased with Dr. Amy Bonnett and her relaxing sessions, I look forward to my treatment every other week. I think it has been very beneficial in helping with pain.

Lana B

Relaxing, comforting

I recently visited Red Phoenix during the beginning of the appt I was very impressed with Dr. Amy’s caring and concern for what I was having issues. The first treatment was awesome (think I fell a sleep). The first treatment worked just like Dr. Amy said, looking forward to the 2nd… Great health care provider!

Terry M

Relaxing, comforting, and effective!

1st visit “low back” 2nd visit same and neck,which brought great results, I was able to open my fingers wide, which I haven’t been able to do for many years without pain. Dr. Amy is uplifting, pleasant and knowledgeable and a good listener to what your problems are. I feel very comfortable in her hands.

Frances L

I’m so glad I found them! 

I’ve lived with psoriasis and migraines for 40 years. A friend told me about Red Phoenix. Dr. Amy started me on herbs and acupuncture. My psoriasis is in remission and I’ve only had 3 headaches in almost a year. I just wish I found them 40 years ago.

Jean S

Long Time Patient

Dr. Amy has a genuine desire to help people and the extensive medical knowledge to do so. Her knowledge, and application, of Chinese medicine and herbs has been a real benefit to me.