Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs are an integral part of a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. In fact, in China, herbal treaments are more common than Acupuncture. Chinese herbs are an effective method of continuing the positive results of the acupuncture treatments in between visits. At Red Phoenix Acupuncture, herbs are dispensed in either a pill form called patents and a powdered form called granulars. Patents are cost effective and easy to take. Granulars are stronger than patents and can be customized to the individual’s diagnosis. Granular herbs are mixed with warm water and then taken like a tea. Red Phoenix Acupuncture only uses herb suppliers that meet all United States government regulations. These herb suppliers tests all herbs and herbal formulas to ensure they are free of contaminants, pesticide residue, and heavy metals. Chinese herbs are a safe, effective method of treating a wide array of health conditions and diseases. Combining Chinese herbs with acupuncture treatments often produces quicker, more dramatic results than acupuncture alone.